Give Peace a Dance

Some symbols have become so familiar, they overshadowed their true significance, drove us blind, as to forget to question their origin. The iconic Peace sign is, without a question, one of those symbol, many took for granted, and with such a positive appraisal that no one thought to dig further... PLANE WORLD!! PAIN WORD!!

  • How did 'PEACE Sign' manage to stick so gently on our t-shirts, caps, bags, and trendy looking items...?
  • What made that 'crippled' looking circle gain such an unanimous sympathy and one authoritative massive popular base ?
ArabAd Magazine is launching a Poster Design Contest to make us Ponder to The Real Notion of Peace, and The Means
to Spread IT.
Log on ArabAdvertising blog or email:
to get the whole picture.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, what a cool and a mission to come true. This is one hell of a favor sugar Pop is doing to each and everyone of you artists living in the so called 3rd world.

Guys, Girls, and the lot, all politics lead to one conclusion, the great powerful USA has and will restructure this entire region. we've all been hearing this analysis for ages. The new map of the middle east, the peace process as they claim......its war time, we all know it. 100s and 100s of Iraqis die everyday. The next target is Iran. Saudi is being ignited from inside out.......

i can keep on going.......

The time has come for all of us to shout out. The occasion calls for an artistic revolution through celebrating and giving tribute to the peace sign.

lets all join.

I am for sure and will make sure all my wise fellow friends join.


Ocean Soul