Obey or Follow

Communist or Socialist propaganda art is perhaps one of the most referenced graphic styles since WWI. The Soviets, Maoists, Nazis and even Cubans utilised the bold colours of Red, Black and sometimes Yellow to express a people or nation united or revolutionary. Simple printing processes perhaps led these striking Calls To Arms, along with the sheer number of these being postered. Contemporary Artist Shepard Fairey is one in a long list to appropriate this style. Most don't do it with the dogged repetition of OBEY – a direct reference to the very style he's adopted. Found on Flickr in The Obey Giant pool, thousands of images, of Shepard's spirit, some authentic, others copied.
As, for
the 'Peace series', photographed in Honolulu's Chinatown, and in a Los Angeles Hollywood Café, they're the ones created by Shepard Fairey himself.
All shout loud their message.


Beijing Duck

This graphic creative visual is meant to remind people of the struggle in Tibet.
Its designers published it, in the hope that it will be distributed freely, in order to raise awareness about the shameful acts of China leaders --towards the Tibetan people, but also for the flagrant abuse of the least of human rights. So go on, forward it as much as you can, to put a big black mark at upcoming Olympics that look already so dishonourable.

By M.Parisi

For more campaign of such, check i Support at Ma Bulle

No Frills Art

From Red Bubble online gallery and creative community, amazing stuff by Glen aka No Frills* Art. Must See work!
T-shirts available for sale(around US $24), designed by the Australian artist along with original pieces on different medium. His art focus is mainly made of a mix of "pop culture, highbrow vs lowbrow art, subversion, juxtaposition, satire and humour..."
Sirdab loved IT!


A Barefooted Journey

A photo that speaks abundantly, entitled 'Absent Society', shot in 2005 by Your Waitress lens.


Re-Play War

Mixed-media collage art by Lebanese multi-disciplinary artist Tarek Chémaly


All about The Wall!!

Beirut tagged by some interesting graffiti street artists, shot by Sirdab photographer.

It is All about about the Wall!!
In this case, it's about That Specific Wall, where taggers have elected their headquarter to draw their feelings, re-draw, delete, over-shadow each other messages and leave their stance, in colour and with talent, across a very symbolic area of the capital.
In fact, it's within the Quaranteen sector of Beirut that street fighters have drawn their own war on Lebanon for about 15 years.
Infinite stories could be endlessly narrated; however, one image, like "3abass''-- a word that means 'in vain' in Arabic-- graphed firmly on "That Wall of Beirut" --2nd from top-- manages sometime to echo deeper than anything else --in people's mind.
That's the Power of Art, namely Street Art, with an Attitude;)
So, as Mister Mc Luhan stated, it is sometime one image, just one, that is indeed worth a 1000 words.

Who said, ART in VAIN? Is IT??



Typographic work by San Francisco based artist Tauba Auerbach.
Implied in her work is the notion that the conversion process is inexact. Her focus on language is a focus on the space between individuals, the gap they attempt to cross to meet one another intellectually and emotionally, and the nature of the tools they use to do so.
Her analysis includes a substantive examination of words, and a deep formal meditation on individual letters.
And Sirdab finds her work brilliant.


Piss In Style

Free hand airbrush illustration work--on toilet seat-- by a renowned Lebanese tattoo artist.
Hady Beydoun, is a multi-disciplinary talented young designer, owner of Skin Deep studio, and a well-established illustrator, who has earned a brilliant reputation in the Arab world, by blending passion and excellence in every piece he has drafted. Often the result is edgy, appealing and seemingly empowering to this professional illustrator.