Beijing Duck

This graphic creative visual is meant to remind people of the struggle in Tibet.
Its designers published it, in the hope that it will be distributed freely, in order to raise awareness about the shameful acts of China leaders --towards the Tibetan people, but also for the flagrant abuse of the least of human rights. So go on, forward it as much as you can, to put a big black mark at upcoming Olympics that look already so dishonourable.

By M.Parisi

For more campaign of such, check i Support at Ma Bulle


bakkouz said...

where is the duck? i don't see any duck!

The Zone said...

The duck is in your head, ducky! ;)
Keep ducking into the web , till your head ducks into the bubble...
Or keep ducking down, to get your head cool and out of the circles...

Btw, How Do u Like It?
"LaquƩ", I presume!

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