Life full of Love

Exclusive work for sale from, London-based illustrator Von, at Shopvon.
His work is heavily influenced by the world of music, fashion and design, it is executed with a seamless blend of traditional and digital mark making techniques. The result being striking & insightfull illustrations with subtle narratives and a delicate and ethereal quality. Since establishing Hellovon early 06, Von's work has been exhibited internationally including the London Design Museum; his clients lists includes Ad agency Ogilvy & Mather, Dazed & Confused magazine, Wallpaper, The NY Times, the Guardian...

The other side of Life

An illustration for “The Coke Side of Life” campaign by Karl Kwasny/Monaux, a freelance artist/illustrator/designer from Brisbane, Australia.


Kuwait print arena

The featured collage image is ArabAd illustration cover for its December issue covering Kuwait media scene. It is inspired from the mushrooming of local dailies/ newspapers in Kuwait; a
handmade collage from real newspapers to format the map of Kuwait. There is no Photoshop work here; it is back to basics, hand work made image by Waleed Shaalan (Architect, Principal Designer & Managing Partner) of BrainStorm agency in Kuwait for ArabAd magazine.


A for GOD

Taking advertising to new deviations

Digital art from Decogrunge gallery on DeviantART



The conceptual modification of national flags recuring in graphic design is understood to be a quite novel approach. In 1960, Earthday organiser replaced the American stars with the ecology symbol; then Vietnam anti-war activists altered it with the peace sign.
Thereafter, Vancouver based anti-consumerist magazine Adbusters inserted corporate logos in place of the 51 flags and since then has been challenging advertising it perceives as harmful - by subverting it; such play with corporate identities to graph social issues has been very significant lately, among the design community and in Adbusters raison d'ĂȘtre in particular.

Will be posting more of such as soon as we relocate them from the heart of d hard disk - Stay tuned!


Disorder caused the Order

Sample of visual reactions of artists and designers from Turkey towards the situation in the Middle East since July 2006.
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"low res reaksiyon" a NOMAD initiative