Karim Rachid ObliqSound

Independent New York/Hamburg based music label, ObliqSound comissioned Egyptian industrial designer Karim Rashid, to conceptualize the packaging design of Vol.2 ObliqSound Remixes.
Only 2000 copies, of Rachid's design,
were available worldwide; labelled The 'limited edition', it got produced in pearl white & electric blue and was released in October 06.
ObliqSound Remixes Vol. 2., Karim Rashid's first-ever CD design project, is a beautiful collectors' item, which marries great electro jazzy sounds with cutting-edge design of an
aesthetically distinctive multi-purpose accessory.

"Art, design and music are so intertwined and intrinsic to one another… they are conduits and modes of self-expression. So when the elegant, bombastic label ObliqSound approached me to design their special remix CD, I was jazzed to say the least. I have loved jazz all my life, and my favorite most influential period was in the seventies when jazz got conceptual and funky (dazz, fazz and acid jazz sounds). I love their really contemporary new jazz sound. It has the nuances and flavors of my favorite jazz periods, but takes us to a new level, offering a new axiom in jazz. I wanted to create a techno-visual package that speaks about this new age of digital jazz, of jazz that has been remixed to move our spirits, our lives and touch our modicum and aural landscape." (Karim Rachid)

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