peace in colours by responsible designers

peace in colors
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The Peace sign has turned 50 this year.
ArabAd magazine has recently launched its first poster design contest for the Middle East around the notion of peace and as a tribute to its symbol.

All details are here; there is also a Flickr group here...
SALAM to all peace jammers around the world..


The cedar tree of the Lebanese flag is the national symbol of Lebanon, eternity and life. As our country gets shaped over the decades by never ending conflicts, maybe it’s time to replace our headstrong cedar with a curling winding twisting spiral. (tarararam) (music of the Lebanese National Anthem).
By Wael Morcos from The Place.

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This is An artistic and cultural exchange like no other and the latest from Coke, Operation~: Coca Cola’s WE8 Project.

What is it all about?
Uniting eight of China's most interesting artists and design firms, and eight of the West's most exciting artists and design firms, and eight of the West's most progressive musicians to interpret the ideas and passions that connect us all--by sharing and expressing one of eight themes:
Happiness; Active; Human collaboration; Peace on Earth; Individual perseverance, Healthy world; Uplifting moments; Global Harmony.

To search out an answer to the questions:
What opens your heart?
What does good fortune look like?
What makes you smile?
What fuels your desire?
How do you live in Harmony with the environment?
What do you wish for the world?
What makes you happiest?

The result?
The result is we8: A vision and soundtrack that celebrates the infinite possibilities that await us when the doors are flung wide-from East to West, from culture, from me to you.
Some of the most jaw-droppingly gorgeous soda packaging bottles ever seen.
The eight bottles are already circulating in various markets, and collectors are already rushing to get their hands on these unique Coke limited edition bottles.

The vision and soundtrack are available now "for a whole new world living on the Coke Side of Life."

Moreover, Coca Cola is giving you the opportunity to design your own?
Yep, Coke allows you to input your own designs for others to check out and assess.
Many creations are already on the roll, and you can check it all out at

The Peace on Earth Bottle was created by Joyn Viscom.
'Peace = lotus + bottle. Red balloons and white birds morphing from origami airplanes symbolize the message of peace. As messengers, the four children in white are sending the message of peace to people from all over the world.'

The Happiness Bottle was created by Wang Xu.
'The Haha mirror shows happiness you can see. Hahaha is the sound of someone laughing, full of happiness.'

The Uplifting Moments Bottle was created by MeWe.
'Now, we are trying to put imagination back to the aluminum bottle. With the gemstones, when the Coca-Cola logo faces you, you discover the word ‘happy.’ And the butterfly bottle symbolizes beauty and the most uplifting moment when its transformation takes place.'

The Human Collaboration Bottle was created by Milkxhake.
'Coming from all over the world yet sharing the same sky, we start everything with a loving heart, so that our world will be even more beautiful.'
The Active Optimism Bottle was created by Chen Shao-hua.
'Nothing visual can fully represent the multi-faceted meanings of happiness. But the artist turned to popular text messaging and his blog to ask to young Chinese people: What words say happiness to you? He then selected 8, 4-character words, which most represent the idea of happiness among young people, and placed the words in the mouth of the laughing Bodhisattva—a traditionally hilarious Chinese symbol.'

The Individual Perseverance Bottle was created by Jiang Hua.
'The horizontally extending pattern is actually Coca-Cola in Chinese characters. They are used to wrap around the bottle. Customers in China might be able to guess its meaning. The geometric pattern also reminds the user of the organic shape of the Coke bottle.'

It's all the same

This is part of an exhibition entitled FREE FOR WALL! part 2 that took place couple of months ago [11th - 28th July] following FREE FOR WALL part I, were The Brick Lane gallery invites street artists to submit work and then go on a show/exhibit with live spray paint performances.

The Artists included were people & collective such as 'Agent Provocateur', Carlos Zuniga-Andrighetti, Ben Lawson, 'Data Done', 'Jen', Max Wiedemann, 'Part2ism', 'R1', Rodrigo Souto, 'Since'...

These visuals are of the 'reflections' series by Finbarr Notte.

The Brick Lane Gallery has been building a strong selection of artists for Free For Wall! Part 3 exhibition, including very new faces from all over the world, as far as Brazil.

The Tunnel

This is tunnel, where the best street artists of the world, gathered for spray street battle.
A photo that constitutes a piece of art by itself.
Found on Pure Evil's


Urban taggin' -3 MUST HAVE BOOKS

Piecebook: The Secret Drawings of Graffiti Writers by Sacha Jenkins, David (Chino) Villorente

Publisher: Prestel USA (April 30, 2008)

Original in concept and design, this living history of the graffiti movement mimics the actual sketchbooks graffiti artists use to perfect their work before it goes public. Before it hits the wall, graffiti is often painstakingly planned out in a sketchbook or piece book. Well-worn and dog-eared, these books are passed along from artist to artist as a way of sharing ideas and offering instruction. Here hundreds of drawings, most of them never before published, are reproduced on uncoated paper to resemble the pages of an authentic piecebook. Bold and beautiful works from graffiti history s most important sources or seeds Zephyr, Dondi, Daze, CRASH, Lady Pink, T-Kid, CAP and Ghost, among others represent a dizzying array of techniques. The authors, former graffiti practitioners themselves, offer biographies of the artists and an introductory essay on why piecebooks have become such valuable historical records. Fans of graffiti will find this an irresistible inside look at how their favorite artists perfected their talents.

Street World: Urban Art and Culture from Five Continents Around the Globe
by Roger Gastman, Caleb Neelon, and Anthony Smyrski

The authors of Street World have put together this rich collection showcasing over 1,000 images and authoritative text, highlighting street art and life in cultural hot spots around the globe. Street World: Urban Art and Culture from Five Continents Around the Globe follows skateboarders in Japan, hunts down graffiti artists in San Paolo, Brazil, and exposes the newest Pakistani truck artwork in the world.
At almost 500 pages, this book, with its rare images and in-depth commentary, is sure to become a staple in libraries of any true street art fan.


Written On The City: Graffiti Messages Worldwide
Axel Albin, Josh Kamler
Publisher: How (September 2, 2008)

Newsweek, Aug. 18-25, 2008
"Poignant ... funny ... thought-provoking ..."
Written on the City is a glimpse into a vast conversation happening illegally and in public. All over the world, people are writing messages on the walls and sidewalks of the cities in which we live. They are staying up late, breaking the law, and taking risks to say something to you. Some of it is funny. Some of it is beautiful. Lots of it is upsetting, crazy, and brilliant at the same time. And all of it is important. This book continues that conversation through the eyes of photographers who recognized the importance of those words on the walls and shared them with us.



C-Type print on Fuji Archival paper - 36" by 24"

Signed edition of 100 and is worth £250

Pop & Bang

Hand drawn using inks and markers on Saunders & Waterford paper, this is one of a kind original canvas. [Size 56x76 cm.]

Born and raised in the North East of England, Toad is one of an emerging breed of contemporary image-makers… He graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2005 with a first class honour in Graphical Communication. He has been surviving on his creative skills ever since, working between Newcastle, Sheffield and London. This is one incredibly busy artist who you can expect to see a lot more from in the near future!

The dark humour and graphic narrative of his work draws inspiration from comic books, B movies, current affairs, the human condition…etc.

A few words from the toad himself.

“I create images much like a DJ creates tunes - both creating and sampling, mashing styles and fusing genres into new visual flavours, layering meanings and constantly experimenting, evolving and progressing”

Fresh paint ...

Fresh paint ...
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Street art by Jef Aerosol...this is IT!

Happiness Is a Warm Gun

Happiness Is a Warm Gun
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Not a piece of cake

Not a piece of cake
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One of the poster designs submitted to ArabAd peace poster contest.
For more about the results, visit IF WE CAN'T MAKE PEACE title of ArabAd's first edition of the Middle Easter poster design challenge, all on Flickr group.


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RETHINK REFRESH REMIX YOUR MIND. I'd rather have a 961 beer, instead of a Heineken...Am an ULTRAWOMAN though who likes ULTRA MAN, R U THERE?

Swing graffiti

Swing graffiti
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FEVER & FISH @ THE SWING, la voile Rmeyleh South Lebanon


Celebrating 50 years of PEACE-sign

Nada Borji-8
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“The 100+ posters submitted for ArabAd peace poster design contest reflect the diversity of religions and beliefs in the communications industry and the Arab community at large and we believe we have succeeded in addressing responsible design in a creative approach,” asserted Walid Azzi, Publisher of ArabAd.
The posters received for ArabAd magazine poster design contest demonstrated the sheer power of the peace symbol, the peace imagery and the extraordinary visual vocabulary the peace sign continues to inspire 50 years later....
For more about ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest & Exhibit/Show
ArabAd Peace poster contest, THE BLOG

here is Nada Borji's poster submission and top 8 in the final selection winner pick...Borji's is an architect at Solidere company in Beirut.

;0) ...a little secret here...that's my dad, Walid's fav among all...Here was a scoop..:0)