It's all the same

This is part of an exhibition entitled FREE FOR WALL! part 2 that took place couple of months ago [11th - 28th July] following FREE FOR WALL part I, were The Brick Lane gallery invites street artists to submit work and then go on a show/exhibit with live spray paint performances.

The Artists included were people & collective such as 'Agent Provocateur', Carlos Zuniga-Andrighetti, Ben Lawson, 'Data Done', 'Jen', Max Wiedemann, 'Part2ism', 'R1', Rodrigo Souto, 'Since'...

These visuals are of the 'reflections' series by Finbarr Notte.

The Brick Lane Gallery has been building a strong selection of artists for Free For Wall! Part 3 exhibition, including very new faces from all over the world, as far as Brazil.

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