Faust 0

Faust 0
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Icons for Now
Århus Kunstbygning, Denmark
Curated by Miriam Nielsen and Toke Lykkeberg - 28th of August 2008

Icons for Now shows 10 of the most significant and innovative names on the Danish and international street art scene from the last three decades. These artists have been invited to produce work in dialogue with the city of Århus – it’s architecture and it’s inhabitants.
With the names André alias Monsieur A (FR), Blu (IT), Faust (DK), Herbert Baglione (BR), HuskMitNavn (DK), MissTic (FR), Steve Powers (US), Søren Behncke alias papfar (DK), Victor Ash (P/FR/DK) and Zevs (FR), this exhibition presents a wide selection of some of the most brilliant artists to have come from this scene.
Icons for Now will set a different framework for street artists, their audience and the city in general. Often these artists are invited indoors because they have become recognized artists. We pull them outside again. By doing this Icons for Now presents these artists in their natural environment, however natural that might be.
In a city space which is strictly administered what is needed is not more design, more signs and more billboards, but thought provoking pauses that make an impact.

Photo by Miriam Nielsen


Imagination awakened

Wonderful type design by another talented bubbler from the Redbubble dot community, named Natalie Tyler, a British national who says ♥ ing design and illustration and always up for a good t-shirt challenge to push her out of her comfort zone.
Check more of his graphic design expressions here



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My brown sugar, my best buddy--along with Hug of course--, my chocolate lab's portrait remixed by Sugarpop à la Andy Wharol poppy style...


A designer with a conscience

While surfing the redbubble.com online art community, stumbled across one creative member of this Australian based site, who goes by the name of Flux, and writes about his social and environmental concerns, which are expressed through his intelligent designs.
Frank Stillitano, age 30 is a graphic designer from Adelaide, South Australia who does some freelance work "and the odd job for a private client," as he puts it. "I love the flexibility of, and the diversity enabled by, working this way."
If you are an individual interested in associating your creative juices with another of your 'genre,' Stillitano says "always looking to collaborate with other designers." His turn-ons are the things like the arts, especially typography & design, film, architecture and theater.

The 'Global' issues
As of his greatest concerns, it revolves around two main issues: increasing global emphasis on profits at the expense of humanity and global warming and the impact this will have on the lives of my children.
Hence, he is "using the skills I have acquired (or been given) to improve the future."
And that is
Stillitano's drive who asserts, "Design for me is not about winning awards or being accepted, it is about creating something new, effective and interesting, regardless of the genre."
You can check some of his best designs--that are also on sale by clicking here


Beirut Alive N' Kickin'

Beirut Alive N' Kickin'
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The latest in street art from Lebanon, where indeed Beirut is alive, rockin' & Kickin' big time...
Here is Rami aka El Mou3alim, one of the best graffiti artists in town, tagging his faith in the city; this wall reads, "Beirut Ma Betmoot" meaning, Beirut won't ever die...TAGGED & APPROVED by Sirdab ;0)


Let's promote Peace

let's promote IT
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Branding by Impact BBDO Beirut for the Peace SWING event by ArabAd magazine where the first edition of the poster design contest for the Middle East was unveiled throughout a unique arful celebration.
For more check out the blog dedicated to this whole project initiated by ArabAd & Artlounge gallery, Here


Yes, We Can!

In partnership with StickerRobot, Munk One designed a brand new Obama sticker form! It's wonderful how art & politics usually marry quite well.

After notorious Shepard Fairey and the rapidly sold out triptich [HOPE, CHANGE, PROGRESS] he made for Obama, here is the latest artistic support from MUNK ONE a.k.a. Jose A. Mercado, a contemporary American Illustrator and Fine artist, who is most noted for creating Artwork for many bands.
Munk’s fine art paintings in gallery shows have gained much attention with no signs of slowing. He has also moved into producing Art for clothing companies such as Upper Playground, False idols, Tribal Gear and True love.

Munk’s Art ranges from political to fun bright and whimsical to dark and grotesque and sometimes a mixture of all three.

Munk 0ne have previously created a design for the Hope Campaign, which was seen at bus stops all over Pennsylvania before the primaries and was sold as a limited edition screen printed poster and sticker design, which have long since sold out.

So for those who are looking for more Munk One / Obama Art or simply for more Obama art stuff [like me],
here is a new “YES WE CAN.”

Barak Obama is the future and 'oh so' positive change many are already hoping for.
"Yes we can!" has become a somehow popular chant, specially during Obama' s rallies and most recently [Thursday August 28] at Invesco Field, where Obama's partisans witnessed his presidential nomination acceptance.



Go to Hell

London artist Eelus has only been producing graffiti art for two years, But in those two years he has achieved what many artists only dream of. After moving to London three years ago and seeing how the city had been turned into a big blank canvas Eelus was instantly attracted to the urban art movement. He saw his perfect chance to get his work out of his sketchbooks and out there for a wider audience.

Over the last 2 years Eelus has sold hundreds of prints along side Banksy, Invader and many more big names. His best selling print to date was the "Shat at". We will see big things from this artist over the next few years.

Hand sprayed stencil deep stretched canvas by Eelus. Edition of 10. Signed and numbered in hand by the artist.

"I also love the subversiveness of it all, the powers that be see us as criminals, vandals making a mess of their grey landscape, so there's that excitement element to it. That rush you get when you're out there at god knows what time in the morning, about to spray a piece that you've poured your heart into for X amount of hours, just to make this dull environment more engaging and entertaining, i reckon the majority of the public would be on our side anyway to be honest."

Uniting Artists Through Crime

Uniting Artists through Crime (UAC) exhibit features the collaborative work of a handful of artists’ from around the world.
The mission of UAC was bring to Texas a large body of work from innovators worldwide of the current new street art movement; hence, allowing the public to experience the many movements of art as presented by these innovative artists.
Work on display includes the often hard to acquire work of established artists, and new work from emerging talents. Exhibited work comes from locals in SA, Austin, Houston and from major metropolitan centers around the world including New York, DC, California, Spain, Russia, Malaysia, Australia, and Canada.
Check out more pix here or here