A designer with a conscience

While surfing the redbubble.com online art community, stumbled across one creative member of this Australian based site, who goes by the name of Flux, and writes about his social and environmental concerns, which are expressed through his intelligent designs.
Frank Stillitano, age 30 is a graphic designer from Adelaide, South Australia who does some freelance work "and the odd job for a private client," as he puts it. "I love the flexibility of, and the diversity enabled by, working this way."
If you are an individual interested in associating your creative juices with another of your 'genre,' Stillitano says "always looking to collaborate with other designers." His turn-ons are the things like the arts, especially typography & design, film, architecture and theater.

The 'Global' issues
As of his greatest concerns, it revolves around two main issues: increasing global emphasis on profits at the expense of humanity and global warming and the impact this will have on the lives of my children.
Hence, he is "using the skills I have acquired (or been given) to improve the future."
And that is
Stillitano's drive who asserts, "Design for me is not about winning awards or being accepted, it is about creating something new, effective and interesting, regardless of the genre."
You can check some of his best designs--that are also on sale by clicking here

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