Go to Hell

London artist Eelus has only been producing graffiti art for two years, But in those two years he has achieved what many artists only dream of. After moving to London three years ago and seeing how the city had been turned into a big blank canvas Eelus was instantly attracted to the urban art movement. He saw his perfect chance to get his work out of his sketchbooks and out there for a wider audience.

Over the last 2 years Eelus has sold hundreds of prints along side Banksy, Invader and many more big names. His best selling print to date was the "Shat at". We will see big things from this artist over the next few years.

Hand sprayed stencil deep stretched canvas by Eelus. Edition of 10. Signed and numbered in hand by the artist.

"I also love the subversiveness of it all, the powers that be see us as criminals, vandals making a mess of their grey landscape, so there's that excitement element to it. That rush you get when you're out there at god knows what time in the morning, about to spray a piece that you've poured your heart into for X amount of hours, just to make this dull environment more engaging and entertaining, i reckon the majority of the public would be on our side anyway to be honest."

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