Obey or Follow

Communist or Socialist propaganda art is perhaps one of the most referenced graphic styles since WWI. The Soviets, Maoists, Nazis and even Cubans utilised the bold colours of Red, Black and sometimes Yellow to express a people or nation united or revolutionary. Simple printing processes perhaps led these striking Calls To Arms, along with the sheer number of these being postered. Contemporary Artist Shepard Fairey is one in a long list to appropriate this style. Most don't do it with the dogged repetition of OBEY – a direct reference to the very style he's adopted. Found on Flickr in The Obey Giant pool, thousands of images, of Shepard's spirit, some authentic, others copied.
As, for
the 'Peace series', photographed in Honolulu's Chinatown, and in a Los Angeles Hollywood Café, they're the ones created by Shepard Fairey himself.
All shout loud their message.

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