All about The Wall!!

Beirut tagged by some interesting graffiti street artists, shot by Sirdab photographer.

It is All about about the Wall!!
In this case, it's about That Specific Wall, where taggers have elected their headquarter to draw their feelings, re-draw, delete, over-shadow each other messages and leave their stance, in colour and with talent, across a very symbolic area of the capital.
In fact, it's within the Quaranteen sector of Beirut that street fighters have drawn their own war on Lebanon for about 15 years.
Infinite stories could be endlessly narrated; however, one image, like "3abass''-- a word that means 'in vain' in Arabic-- graphed firmly on "That Wall of Beirut" --2nd from top-- manages sometime to echo deeper than anything else --in people's mind.
That's the Power of Art, namely Street Art, with an Attitude;)
So, as Mister Mc Luhan stated, it is sometime one image, just one, that is indeed worth a 1000 words.

Who said, ART in VAIN? Is IT??

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