There is horror in my work...

"There is horror in my work, a kind of cinematic narrative where the good guy always loses. There is a duplicity where cuteness and evil coexist behind the saccharine fa├žade of a comic-book character or a much loved fast food restaurant. I am reflecting a world in trouble, a heaving dying fur-seal of an earth that is being repeatedly clubbed with baton-sized television remote controls. The drips that melt down the canvas are nods to an immense self-destructing machine made up of endless icons, logos and expressions that are the infected medical waste of the 20 th century.

At first it is a feeling of wanting to express this consumerist, pop-culture Armageddon that we are a part of, but I realize I have no choice, as, like you I have been given the responsibility of its maintenance and I never flipped through the instruction book (if there ever was one).

Any second now, any second now – we’ll all wake up."

-Ben Frost


Ben Frost's work fuses logos, comic book characters and corporate mascots together into sometimes irreverent yet always playful statements on the nature of today's society.
He has worked and exhibited in Japan, Europe and across the USA. Frost's work has appeared in many magazines such as Vogue, Australian Art Collector and Harper's Bazar; and his commissioned work includes Nokia, Mambo, Tiger Beer, Livid and Warner Records

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