War has started...in Poland

Polish artist, Peter Fuss illegally puts up his works on billboards as a way to make a bitter comment on the reality surrounding him. He is not afraid to speak his mind on social taboo subjects.
His works seems much like an examination and evaluation of the present, the world, the minds & the human being as a social species. His art is as minimalist as it can get , with simple and clear form.
Fuss comments on politics, the relationships between religion and authority, flashy religiosity, social problems, art and all in between with one banal tone that make it sound like common sense statements. However, this light approach is full of wit;
his sharp observations will let you ponder the meaning of the world for long hours... His website is also easy to surf & straight to the point with no artifice or pompous statements.

If interested by Peter Fuss art, you can buy his artwork ---on canvas or paper-- from Zero Zer gallery
ZERO ZER Gallery is based in Poland and sells original art and high quality limited edition prints from a range of popular polish street artists.

The below images found on Wooster Collective site, are from a conceptual graffiti project labeled
"War Has Started" From Peter Fuss

every day i am. i get up. i eat. i go out.
sometimes i feel well. sometimes i have a flu. sometimes i'm tired. sometimes i'm happy.
and around me is the world.
wars. riots. presidents and prime ministers.
newspapers. the internet. news. advertisments.
and other people.
which i know well. and which i meet the first time.
sometimes it's hot. sometimes it rains.
strikes. accidents. disasters. spilt tea. a lost key.
--By Peter Fuss

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