Disneyland art world

I have long been interested in collage art and have found very few artists with the style I love. Now that I came across Greg Gossel, an American graphic designer who is also into old-school collage, can't but include it in my sirdab's.

A charming kaleidoscope of colour with pop vivid comic flavoured images--in the spirit of Roy L
ichtenstein --cascading in all directions, defying reason and challenging the viewer to make sense of this sparkling and fresh world that is Gossel's own.
Spontaneous, bright, positive & surreal; so irreverent that it becomes madly beautiful.

Gossel on his work:
"My work is about life, the struggle, and the beauty. I try to accomplish this through the interplay of many diverse words, images, and gestures. I’m interested in process – building up a surface and layering a variety of mediums; spraying, printing, splashing, erasing, dripping, and writing in a very loose and spontaneous way. When a piece is finished, I want it to illustrate a visual history of change, process, and expression."

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