Legendary artist John Van Hamersveld is best known for his poster for the 1964 blockbuster surf documentary/film, '"The Endless Summer" and his album covers for the Beatles (Magical Mystery Tour), The Rolling Stones (Exile on Main Street), Jefferson Airplane (Crown of Creation), the Grateful Dead (Skeletons in the Closet), Kiss (Hotter Than Hell) and Blondie (Eat to the Beat), to name a few.

However, his credentials are endless. Among his other creations: an official poster and 360-foot-long mural for the 1984 L.A Olympic Games; illustrations for magazines such as Esquire, Rolling Stone, Billboard; branding and logos for Fatburger, Contempo Casuals and Broadway Deli.

The iconography of his oeuvre runs deep, from Day-Glo tones to trippy swirls to the grinning “Johnny face,” an icon in itself.

Like an acid trip in ink on the paper of space and time, John Van Hamersveldʼs graphics have transcended the psychedelic ʻ60s and become classic images that are as futuristic as they are vintage.

“Post-Future,” opening March 7 at Shepard's Fairey's Subliminal Projects art gallery, features many of Van Hamersveldʼs classic works juxtaposed with re-imaginings of those images, recent retro- styled pieces and a never-before-seen series of drawings connecting past and present.
Through the show, Van Hamersveld creates a lens, through which the past can be seen and the future can be sourced, where imagery melts into a pool that is both the source and the destination of creativity.
Van Hamersveldʼs book, also titled 'Post-Future,' is set to be released in September.

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