Pop Denim

A hot new pop up shop and a Levi's Collectors Book

A fashion collaboration, to create the new Levi's jeans clothing line, incorporated two infamous sixties artists, Damien Hirst and Andy Warhol, was held last month at Los Angeles.
The silver brick walls, in playfully 'Warhol-esque' colours set the spirit of the launch of the new Levi's shop in Santa Monica - California, introduced in pop art mood and feel.

Indeed, and for the first time, the legendary denim brand dropped traditional media channels to feature its new collection.
Sensational English pop artist Damien Hirst had two new original art pieces exhibited, as the 'Warhol-ian factor' was highlighted in the use of a trademark style of colours applied not only to the installations, but to the denim as well.

Also, a collector's book was released, demonstrating the creation process and the people involved in this groundbreaking collaboration for the opening of Levi's Pop-Up shop. Death is the pivotal theme of the book, which happens to be a perfect fit for both pop artists, who have featured dark pictures of knives and skulls.
Aside from an interview with Hirst, the book features Hirst's signature spot paintings and his famous diamond-studded skull, 'For the Love of God.'
All the fashion photography is done by Beau Roulette featuring Vincent Gallo. It comes hard bound in black denim, with an optional plexiglass and metal display box. Available through DHW Books for US$300 (or US$200 without box).

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