Agent under fire

To celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the birth of Ian Lancaster Fleming [born May 28, 1908], creator of spy novels James Bond 007, Penguin publishing house commissioned British born, San Francisco artist/illustrator Michael Gillette to paint the iconic covers--adapted to movies-- of 14 James Bond stories.

Take a look at the images above of just a few of the women, who have graced the world of James Bond 007 and see for yourself: the result is as sexy as the James Bond Girls themselves, who have become as famous as Agent 007 himself.
With exotic and far out names like Honey, Kissy, Pussy, Plenty, Tilly, Holly, Stacy, Tracy, Aki, Rosie, Bibi, Lupe, Magda, Pola, Kara, and Jinx – it’s no wonder!
Gillette's sexy interpretation of eye-candy Fleming Bond Girls, with a striking minimal colour palette overlaid with interlocking 60's inspire type treatments, are so good they're sure to bounce off the shelf. You can check out more of Gillette's paintings madness, while taking a look at his blog Pencil Squeezing.

Click here to read an interview done with Michael Gillette by MI6, the home of James Bond.

These beautiful pieces were made available on May 29 if you wanna purchase any;
however, the good news is that a limited edition of 25 signed GiclĂ©e prints (50x70) of each of the covers have been made for sale (£145.00 each) by Cosh.

Also, if you're in London over the next few months some of the work will be on display at BOND BOUND: IAN FLEMING AND THE ART OF COVER DESIGN: 22nd April - 28th June 2008 @ The Fleming Collection 13 Berkeley Street London W1J 8DU.

Moreover, it would be noteworthy mentioning that the James Bond films have grossed over US$4 billion (nearly $11 billion when adjusted for inflation) worldwide, making it the second highest grossing film series ever after Harry Potter when not adjusting for inflation.{source Wikipidia}

On another level, and for the little story, in 1960, Fleming was commissioned by the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) to write a book on the country and its oil industry. The typescript is titled State of Excitement: Impressions of Kuwait was never published, due to the Kuwaiti government disapproval.
According to Fleming: "The Oil Company expressed approval of the book but felt it's their duty to submit the typescript to members of the Kuwait Government for their approval. The Sheikhs concerned found unpalatable certain mild comments and criticisms and particularly the passages referring to the adventurous past of the country, which now wishes to be 'civilised' in every respect and forget its romantic origins."

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