Tehran street art "alive & kickin'"

Believe it or not...
Tehran street Art scene is quite buzzing & surprisingly up & running in such an authoritarian environment and troubling times; a definitely interesting pool to delve into.
Iranian street artist, nicknamed 'Alone', scribbled as 'A1one' has designed this poster for his own solo-Spray Art exhibition that took place past April in the Iranian capital.

"Maybe i am a Vandal or Anarchist, but i am glad to introduce my self as one. At least, i stand for my right. I am not about politics . But i am interested in social Subjects. I express through Graffiti , wall painting, stencil spray , wheatpastes and Stickers in streets of Tehran and other places i will pass in the world! Stencil , Schablone , pochoir, stampino , arte della via, Stra├če kunst, iranian art de rue... "

Check it all on his blog or throughout his Flickr pool

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