Project Mulsaq

The Khatt Foundation and the trend-setting company Mosaiques, in collaboration with Dubai-based design gallery Traffic, are launching a wall stickers competition dubbed 'MULSAQ' [in Arabic, stickers] aiming at reflecting the multifaceted Middle Eastern identity.
The design competition is set to provide a platform for talented Khatt Network members to reach out to wider audiences, within and outside the design world of Dubai, the Middle East and beyond.
Design Submission Deadline: 1 August 2008
Out of all submissions, 20 designs will be selected for a limited edition of 50 numbered pieces. The 20 designs will be produced and marketed under the label “Khatt Design Collection, a Limited Edition of Vinyls by Mosaiques,” and will be exhibited at Traffic on November 13th.

For further details click here and read more on how to reinvent your space & bring the Middle East home.

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