Dancing & Painting

For the American artist and entertainer David Garibaldi, his paintbrush is his microphone.
Garibaldi was a defiant Los Angeles street-graffiti artist until a sympathetic high-school teacher pointed him in a more positive direction.
Garibaldi later painted in the studio and created artworks onstage during urban musical performances. This inspired him to develop his “Rhythm & Hue” show, which he describes as “a dance routine involving painting.”
Accompanied by music, Garibaldi amazes audiences by energetically creating enormous pop-culture portraits in minutes. His renowned performances have been featured on TV shows, at charity events and in video games. With a brush in each hand, he creates 6 foot tall portraits in less than 6 minutes, of icons, celebrities, sports personalities, and special honorees to carefully selected music.

These plate-signed and numbered fine art posters were created using a sophisticated digital printer. They are stretched and ready to hang and are produced in limited editions of less than a hundred of prints.
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