A 'Grafista' you should meet

Patrick Thomas describes himself as a 'Grafista', a Spanish term for graphic artist / designer. However, the word has an activism sort of connotation, something in the spirit of guerrilla although this is not accurate; it's just how it sounds to the ear...GRAFISTA....TIME TO TAKE ACTION ;0)
Based in the industrial quarter of Barcelona with fantastic views of the city, Patrick's studio, laVista occupies the top floor of a converted warehouse. This is where his inspiration runs big, bold and often politically spirited.
Patrick never fails to make an impact with pure, noncomplex creativity and provoke a reaction with gutsy visual communication that speaks loud his political concerns, as it highlights loads of the world's crucial political matters: Wars, religion, recession, globalisation...Power is pivotal to the simplest of Patrick's graphics.

Design thinkers like Patrick Thomas, who use their creative wisdom to design for stuff that matters and manage to tackle pressing questions, are saluted at Sirdab. Fresh, efficient design makes world problems and controversial ideas rather engaging, as well as thought provoking. We need more of such!

If interested, you can get in touch with designer Patrick Thomas through Agency Rush, a team of cutting-edge image-makers.

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