copyrighted material- photography by Ghada Azzi

Streets are vibrant, budding, exuberant, colourful if not chaotic places where an unexpected rendezvous is often awaiting us around the corner. Its imagery [made of graphics, signs, advertisements, tags, graffiti...] offer one mishmash of colours like no other; street art composes a public gallery of icons, marks and references that reflects cities' personality.
Featured in this post, images I shot while wandering aimlessly in my city trying to dig Beirut's rock ... Needless to say that Beirut's graphic street culture speaks for itself...
Beirut is Vibrant, Beirut is Chaotic, Beirut is Crazy. Beirut is Bloody Charming...

I'll be posting many visuals of such, along with some links of buddies who have chosen to discover the heart, the soul of their city by screening its walls. Here, can't but think of a friend, Tarek Chémaly who has dubbed his "errance" thru Beirut, 'Murs-Murs' de la Ville {in French in the text--which is a play on word as murmure means whisper and Mur means wall too; Ville-City}.
To be continued.. Tarek has an archive of amazing imagery of Beirut's graphic language, and has written an excellent article in ArabAd magazine November issue 07... Will be posting some excerpts too...

Meanwhile, enjoy an ephemeral art by unknown but not unnoticed artists, who have decided to scribble, tag, salute the world; they have graphed messages that are often deeper than it looks!!

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