Lebanese Jamal Issawi scoops 3rd place

Helvetica NOW Poster Contest
2007 was HELVETICA’s 50th birthday.

Throughout the summer of 2007, Linotype put out the call for posters created with the Helvetica typeface.
And ArabAd had a long feature on the a half-decade history of the font.
Hundreds of entries were submitted; visitors to Linotype.com were able to vote for their favorite designs.
Now the Winners are out!!
& Guess What?
the 3rd Winner is a Lebanese national!! Isn’t that Absolutely Wonderful??

3rd Place:
Jamal Issawi, Lebanon

2nd Place:
“hel()v(s)et(h)icA(s) or hell vs ethics”
Alexandre Rola, Portugal

1st Place:
Nina Hardwig, Germany

Loaded below are our favourite [actually the Lebanese participants who made it in the 30 best line-up;
but you check can all Top 30 Posters displayed at Lino.
Click Here

Jamal Issawi

Nanor Ghazar

Nanor Ghazar

Nanor Ghazar

Nanor Ghazar

Jamal Issawi

Linotype also, rewarded some designs that didn’t make it to the final;
however, as encouragement for several posters that showed
great typographic know-how, wit, and a strong conceptual level,
a special honourary mention was given to the designs that deserved it.
Here is our favourite

Click here to view all

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