Cross & Crescent

While Wild Surfing,I bumped into this site as it did catch my attention in no time...
Delightful blog!!
The publisher named Aftab Arab, is a London-based student, currently studying Graphics Information Design at Westminster University. The visual on top of page--"Let's have a colourful Xmas"--, is one pick we wanted to post here and share wiyh fellow bloggers, even though X- mas is already behind us...

As, for the the two red & black Cs, -- CROSS & CRESENT --, Blogger Arab Aftab says:
"So a few summers ago during the Israeli massacre of Lebanon I became interested in Lebanon and having done research I realised how all religions lived so peacefully together, especially Christians and Muslims, and that really inspired me. Being a Muslim (Sufi) myself, I loved how the two religions were so close and in love.
It really goes well with my Sufi thinking, and so therefore, I wanted to design something as interesting as the unity pendant; this is still an ongoing project."

More work here

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