A national Hero stamped

Maxime Chaya became a Lebanese Hero when he raised, for the first time in history, his country's flag to the highest point on Planet Earth- Indeed, Lebanon's foremost sportsman and climber, Maxime Chaya was the first person from his country to hoist its flag atop Everest , and he did so en route to ascending the highest mountain on every continent - the Seven Summits- while also skiing to the North and South Poles.

Avid sportsman since childhood, Chaya has been knighted twice for his achievements and got his portrait tagged on a 1000 Lebanese Lira post stamp. He was officially nominated the "SEVEN SUMMITEER" on May 15, '06 after having conquered all 7 Summits, the highest Peak on each Continent---
This is another act of gratitude from the Lebanese government, which hopefully will contribute to remind the Lebanese of Chaya's awesome achievement: a climb that was also stimulated by an urge to trigger awareness and focus on important issues, such as sustainability for a "Small Country with a Big Heart."

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