United colours of Lebanon

Colourful and quite unexpected taglines and designs around Lebanon, Beirut & various social issues made available on diverse products--Shirts, Mugs, Bags, Hats, Thongs, Boxer shorts, Pillows and many more Houseware & Officeware-- all put for sale by Raynbow, the Online Store founded in April 4th 2005 and powered by CafePress.

Items have been classified into categories, where you can search for designs and products 100% Lebanese, or just with an Arabic feel & lettering; there is a category titled country pride items, a quite innovative design approach to tackling social matters, also available beside more classical products filed under Fashion, clock and Lebanese model calendars-- these are cheesy items sort of-- Valentine, so on so forth...

Moreover, and the coolest part --but that is also one of Café Press interesting sides--Raynbow gives the designer, the chance to have your work exposed. If you believe you can be a part of the Raynbow team, and design awkward stuff to promote Lebanon, well feel free to submit your designs & click here. Let us know whenever your design becomes part of the peculiar yet daring Raynbow, store, would be glad to help highlighting unusual but pretty good work from Our Funky Town Lebanon, maybe the funkiest...

It is understood that Raynbow, is a non-profit store, where all the profit from sales and raised funds from donations will be used to cover the store's expenses first, whereas the rest will be donated to non-governmental organisations (NGO) working on human right issues in Lebanon.
Subsequently, by shopping at Raynbow, or by donating to the store ,you will be contributing to empowering human right movements in Lebanon.

Also, for people familiar with the ad industry in Lebanon, Raynbow site has been designed and developed by KALEIDO GRAPHICS.

Click to enlarge & view a selection by Sirdab of Raynbow best pick


Anonymous said...

some of these designs r funky...theres a huge non-lebanon collection too that i liked.

Anonymous said...

Raynbow has been there for some time, I have bought so many of the products they have, I do not people where I buy them from so that I wear funky and NO BODY ELSE hehehe