Out of the (X)box campaign

XBox 360, the console that needs no presentation, is using ecstatic-frenetic, acid-dripped designs in a new, multi-platform Austrian campaign.
As a result, four art pieces with luscious graphics were created (A1 size posters). Additionally, the artworks are used for various forms of advertisement (Promos, ad events, campaigns, retail) within Austria.
Eric Chan (aka Eepmon) narrates on his blog, " Lets go back to several months ago. I was contacted by Thomas Kritsch, marketing director representing XBox 360 Austria who was interested in getting me on board for a collabo."

The collaboration involved XBox 360's 4 themes for their upcoming campaign that will be used throughout the rest of summer and fall of '08 in Austria. " I was given the honourable task to create the branding for XBox 360's 4 themes (Blockbuster Games, Music, Sports and Family)," explains Eepmon. "What a honour it is to be part of the XBox 360 experience. I am very pleased as how the pieces turned out. Every time I look at the 4 posters side-by-side, I look back at all the work I have put into this and to see it finally manifested into the physical brings an extreme satisfaction."

A definite out of the Xbox campaign, effervescent and jolly illustrations for one of the most must-have console games.

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